Reception Playlist : Lotos Club Wedding : Manhattan 2010

This night at the beautiful and stately Lotos Club in the West Village was ecstatic from start to finish. This was one of the common cases where bride and groom had completely different taste. The Bride was fond of Contemporary Pop, Classic Soul/R&B, and Hip-Hop, while the groom loved harder Rock ‘N’ Roll, 80s, and Indie. The challenge here was to take all of that and assemble it in a way that was fun for everyone. It was a success... Read More

Reception Playlist : Riverside Church Wedding : Manhattan 2010

The Riverside Church is one of my favorite spaces in Manhattan for weddings. The groom and bride were big fans of 80s New Wave, so much of that influenced the sound of the evening. There were also dashes of Pop, Soul, and classic Rock ‘N’ Roll to round things out & create a really fun sound. • To see a particular sub-set of playlists, use these links: Wedding playlists: All Wedding playlists: 80s, Cocktail Hour, Contemporary Pop,... Read More

Reception Playlist : Solé East Wedding : Montauk, NY, 2010

For this memorable wedding set on the picturesque shores of Montauk, the Groom & I collaborated on a very unique sound… one that emphasized strong rhythm, and a tempo that was celebratory without being manic. You might notice the lean towards a very warm, vintage/analog production, which both reflected the couple’s tasteful sensibility, and seemed to echo the overall personality of the guests in attendance. • To see a particular sub-set... Read More