[Wedding Playlist] • The Hill, Hudson Valley—May 2015

Photo by Kamila Harris. This Spring 2015 wedding at the gorgeous, rural, and sprawling venue The Hill in the Hudson Valley was a wonderful experience to be a part of. This day’s sound was a great example of how a client’s strong opinions and influence of music style blended with my own selections to create a cohesive whole that worked together appropriately for the mood of the crowd. For cocktails and dinner, the client had a specific... Read More

Wedding Playlist : The Metropolitan Building : Long Island City 2014

In addition to being an all-around spirited evening, this wedding was truly exceptional in my ability during post-dinner dancing to zero-in on a very specific sound (British & American Indie/Alternative of the ’70s—’90s with a dash of Electro-pop), and have the guests really go along with the ride. It is much more common to present a wider scope of sounds & genres at weddings, but in this particular case, the guests were so... Read More

Reception Playlist : 320 Studios Wedding : Manhattan 2010

With the Groom hailing from across the Pond, and with many English relatives and friends in attendance, this set explored much of the great Pop and Alternative from both the UK and the US. • To see a particular sub-set of playlists, use these links: Wedding playlists: All Wedding playlists: 80s, Cocktail Hour, Contemporary Pop, Dinner, Disco, Hip-Hop, Indie, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Soul, Top 40. The >>> to the right of a song means that it was... Read More