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You know you have a great DJ when people keep coming up to you during the wedding and saying they love the music!

Carlos was amazing. He was really responsive to email beforehand and a pleasure to work with. I have a friend who is a professional singer, and I wanted her to sing during the ceremony. Carlos offered to speak to her directly and coordinate the music/mic/set-up. Everything went really smoothly the day of the event, and Carlos played all of our favorite songs and then some. You know you have a great DJ when people keep coming up to you during the wedding and saying they love the music!

-Natalie & Bill, September 2019


Working with Carlos was one of the best decisions we made when choosing our vendors and the one I was most looking forward to having at the event.

As a fan of DJ Ceremony’s 80’s events and tribute sets, I was thrilled to hire him as our wedding DJ this weekend. Working with Carlos was one of the best decisions we made when choosing our vendors and the one I was most looking forward to having at the event. We met with Carlos months before the wedding and went over our music preferences. He was incredibly professional and responsive the entire time leading up to the wedding. He was there when we arrived at the venue and ready to go. He did an amazing job coming up with the perfect playlist for our big day. I absolutely loved all of his choices and he incorporated a lot of the songs we wanted. Everyone was raving about the music and how he kept the dance floor going all night. He did a great job with introductions and MC-ing the first dance, cake cutting, etc. However, he really just let the music shine – which was exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend him for any event as he is extremely versatile and totally accommodating to any requests that come his way. A pure pleasure to work with!

-Denise & Brett, July 2018


“Working with DJ Ceremony was one of the best decisions we made when choosing our vendors for our wedding. From our first email exchange to the end of our wedding night, he went above-and-beyond to help us create the perfect playlist and musical aesthetic we were going for (’80s New Wave, lots of Bowie) while keeping everyone dancing. We’re still getting compliments and comments from our guests about “our” great musical taste, though my husband and I completely attribute that to DJ Ceremony! Professional, reliable, experienced and just plain cool, DJ Ceremony truly played a major role in helping us achieve our vision and vibe for our wedding. Thank you!”

-Courtney & Billy, February 2018


Carlos is a perfectionist and it shows.

“I can’t say enough great things about Carlos. He is extremely professional and strives for perfection. He made sure that the music was flowing all night long without any hiccups. Our guests keep talking about how much fun they had dancing. He played new songs, fan-favorite dance songs, not to mention all the songs we requested. I didn’t have any particular songs in mind for some events such as the garter toss, but he chose songs perfectly for those. Carlos is a perfectionist and it shows. We all had an awesome and memorable time. Thanks so much, Carlos!!!”

-Hilary & Tony, August 2017


-Katie & Connor, July 2017


-Yana & Adam, June 2017


“DJ Ceremony (aka Carlos) was INCREDIBLE!!! He honestly made our wedding!! He responded fast to emails, took note of our taste and our requests very well, and really listened to the mood and feeling we were looking for for our wedding. You should have seen the dance floor!!! It was full all night!

“We had a wedding with a wide range of ages and he played music they all loved and changed the style and mood as the crowd changed later into the night.”

We had a wedding with a wide range of ages and he played music they all loved and changed the style and mood as the crowd changed later into the night. As the night got later he played the more dance style music for a younger crowd (as we had requested he do). Another thing we loved about him is that he really made his show about the music and the wedding, not about him. I have seen some DJs who just want to MC and talk all night and try to be the bad comedian of the event. Carlos was not that. He was tactful and tasteful and only really spoke on the mic when needed or when we asked him to make announcements. He was such a classy, respectful and talented DJ, and a nice person. We would highly recommend him for any event!! Our guests were having sooooo much fun that he even went over into a few encore songs because we all never wanted the party to end!! Thank you Carlos”


-Emma & Ben, September 2016


“Carlos was great to work with! He played at our wedding not too long ago. We had a blast dancing and we were so happy to see everyone on the dance floor with us. Our guests raved about the awesome playlist. He really listened to what we wanted to hear throughout the evening. Couldn’t have asked for a more easy-going, flexible, knowledgable, and professional DJ.”


-Melissa & Mike, July 2016



-Erin & Chris, March 2016


“We are thrilled that we chose Carlos to be our wedding DJ! From our first meeting, we knew we were in great hands. He was warm, passionate about his work, and totally flexible. Carlos was open to any and all suggestions we had (songs we wanted played, special genres, etc.) and wanted to make sure our wedding music truly reflected our tastes. His prices were very reasonable, and he was always quick to respond to e-mails before the wedding. The wedding exceeded our expectations! He and his girlfriend Jessica are an incredibly talented duo. They had our guests up and dancing all night with their awesome music selection. My husband and I loved every song they chose, and were excited each time a new song came on. We also heard from many people how much they loved the music! We would recommend DJ Ceremony to everyone!”


-Maya & John, November 2013


“DJ Ceremony played our wedding reception in NYC and he was absolutely amazing! My husband is British and I am from New Jersey so we wanted our music to be reflective of both our tastes (Top 40 for me and Britpop for my husband). We met with a few DJs throughout the wedding planning process (about 5 months before our wedding), and we found that in our price range, there is a wide range of DJs – guys that will play their standard wedding playlist, guys that are WAY too cocky and think just because they have DJed for Beyoncé, they don’t need to take the couple’s music tastes in mind, and then there was DJ Ceremony. We met with DJ Ceremony initially right before Thanksgiving to see whether we would he would work for us, and he was awesome. He took detailed notes of our venue, our musical tastes, what other things he had to announce (bouquet toss, speech, introductions, etc) and sent us a pretty detailed schedule.

“We had so much fun at our wedding and DJ Ceremony played a big part in making our wedding reception perfect.”

Subsequently, we met with him about a month before the wedding to go through the final playlist, all of the details, etc, and go over the logistics for the day. We got married at a 5 star hotel in Midtown Manhattan near 5th avenue, and our wedding was formal and upscale without being too stuffy. DJ Ceremony worked with our coordinator, arrived on time to set up, and was dressed professionally and smart for our wedding (full suit for our formal wedding). He knew exactly the type of music to play during the slideshow, the introductions, throughout dinner, and then kept everyone on the dance floor the whole night and played songs that both my husband and I and all of our friends enjoyed. In fact, he even played random songs that my dad requested. We had so much fun at our wedding and DJ Ceremony played a big part in making our wedding reception perfect. Thank you soo much!!

If you want an awesome wedding DJ, who is responsible, professional, and will make your wedding reception absolutely perfect, DJ Ceremony is your man! His price is also reasonable and he is an absolute joy to work with.”

-K. Desai, March 2013


“This is a bit delayed, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such an amazing job, and being one of the most important parts of one of the most special nights of our lives. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening, and I think your role was certainly one of the most integral contributions.

“I can’t believe you got everyone to dance so much!”

Everyone kept telling me what a great time they had, and how awesome the music was. I can’t believe you got everyone to dance so much! Even […], who is a notorious party-pooper, loved the music and said the playlist was awesome. Also, seeing my 70-year-old mom on the dancefloor with her best friend was one of the most incredible memories I will ever have. 
If I could get married again just to have another party like that, I would, and I would have you DJ. You can be sure I will recommend you with the highest of praises, if I’m ever asked.
Thank you so much again for making it one of the most wonderful nights I could imagine. I hope you enjoyed it, as well!”

-S. Jo, October 2012


“We recently had the pleasure of working with DJ Ceremony on our wedding day, and it was one of the best decisions we made! Not only is Carlos incredibly knowledgeable about so many music genres (made great recommendations when we were unsure), he was incredibly professional, attentive, and easy-going. Carlos came early and stayed late, keeping the crowd happy the entire time!

“He was also a great MC, knowing when to talk and when not to…”

So many of our friends and our parents friends kept telling us how AMAZING the music was, and that they forgot it was simply a 1 man DJ! It’s not easy to please young and old alike, but Carlos managed to both meet our needs, as well as the needs of our crowd perfectly. He was also a great MC, knowing when to talk and when not to!

We met Carlos over drinks and he helped us narrow down our tastes. After the initial visit, Carlos was incredibly diligent in answering any questions that we had; our wedding was pretty packed with different cultural activities and Carlos took the time to sit with us for an hour on the phone a few days before the big day to go over the schedule. Finding a vendor with this much professionalism and dedication is a rarity and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Carlos, for making the day so incredible!”

-Julie & Victor, October 2011


“Amazing. Carlos did an incredible job of reflecting our personal sound and setting the mood at our wedding. Several friends who know us well thought that we had hand picked the playlist but NOPE- he’s just that good.

“-definitely not your average ‘wedding DJ'”

We felt comfortable with him from the moment we met- over a couple of drinks as we discussed our musical taste and what we were looking for. Music is so important to both my husband and I so to have such an incredible soundtrack to the most important day of our lives thus far was crucial. We were initially terrified to hire a DJ after attending so many weddings where the sound is cliched and cheesy. Carlos is anything but cheesy- definitely not your average “wedding DJ”. Really down to earth and easygoing, but more importantly this man knows his craft. I can’t say enough good things. My only regret is that my guests tired out too quickly, cause I would have liked to dance all night! Carlos- thank you for being such an integral part of our wedding day!”

-Courtney & Matt, October 2011


“It been a few weeks since my wedding and I have to say a few words about DJ Ceremony, aka Carlos.

In the beginning we knew we wanted something a little different for our wedding, something leaning towards New Wave but with a splash of standards, and also elements of Italian and Asian music since that is what we both are. I was a bit nervous in the beginning since we were aiming for something pretty nuanced – about whether to go with a DJ or a band, or with a hip DJ with a niche like Ceremony because my husband can be quite the music snob and extremely picky when it comes to music.

We met with Ceremony about 3 months before the wedding and he was definitely professional and understanding. Very smooth also. He went over the things we hadn’t even thought of and answered all of our questions. He was also readily available by emails when we had questions and revisions. He was very accommodating and willing to work out whatever requests we had.

Well, the day of our wedding arrived and I was still a bit uncertain how it would all turn out. But guess what? It was great! I really was blown away with how smooth and professional he was. He followed our general outline but also was able to wing it and work the crowd a bit and get people up and moving around. Even people who usually don’t dance were up and having a great time.

“About 4 people came up to me at the end of the night and said that the music was amazing and the music was the best that they’d ever heard at a wedding.”

I’ve learned that the right music is really key to a great wedding, and here is where Ceremony really shines through. I think because he has such great experience DJing around the city that he knows how to tap into the energy of the crowd, can see what’s working and what’s not working, and adjust accordingly. He has a great selection and keeps the energy up. I kid you not, about 4 people came up to me at the end of the night and said that the music was amazing and the music was the best that they’d ever heard at a wedding. Highly recommended.

Thanks Carlos! You will always be a big part of our special day.”


-E. Shzu [Right], August 2011


“We couldn’t have been happier with Carlos being our wedding DJ. From our first meeting, we knew that he understood our (very particular) music tastes and could trust him to manage this very important part of our wedding. Before meeting Carlos, we honestly considered playing music from an ipod given how much we didn’t think we’d be able to have any DJ truly ‘get’ us. Carlos proved to be the BEST decision. He took our favorites and added some of his own choice tracks to create an amazing soundscape for the backdrop to the evening. We couldn’t recommend Carlos highly enough!!!”

-E. Connock [Right], July 2011


“From the first moment we met with DJ Ceremony (Carlos), we knew he was the perfect fit for our wedding. As music lovers, getting the perfect DJ was a very important part of the wedding planning process. We wanted a DJ who would play awesome music, not do too much “DJ banter” and could really respond to what our guests were feeling. After talking with Carlos for just a few minutes, we knew he had a total grasp on the kind of music we liked and what we wanted at the wedding (an eclectic mix of basically everything except your typical wedding tunes). He was always prompt in responding to emails and was very thorough and professional.

When our wedding day finally came, Carlos was beyond outstanding. He worked our cocktail hour and four hour reception and every single song he played was a hit. We sent him a list of a handful of songs we wanted to hear and he managed to fit them all into the evening perfectly, along with all his other choices that kept up our guests excited all night long. The cocktail hour and dinner hour were a great mix of mellower songs, and then the dance party really started. I literally don’t think our guests stopped dancing the entire night. One of my favorite moments was after we cut the cake, I looked over at Carlos and gave him the thumbs up to start it up again, and he came right in with Usher’s “Yeah!” it was just perfect. I remember thinking — “he is the best DJ ever!!!!!” When my grandparents said they wanted a slow dance, Carlos played a few slow ones — he kept everyone, young and old, happy.

“Carlos really made the evening one to remember — and he always looked like he was having a great time as well.”

Carlos really made the evening one to remember — and he always looked like he was having a great time as well. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for some amazing music at their wedding or any event. He is laid back, easy to work with, and really did an absolutely amazing job.”

-J. Johnson [Right], June 2011


“We chose Carlos because our taste in music is eclectic, and we didn’t just want a out-of-the-box DJ. He did not disappoint.”

“He DJed our wedding and it was great. My only complaint is that he kept us dancing so long I couldn’t move the next day! We chose Carlos because our taste in music is eclectic, and we didn’t just want a out-of-the-box DJ. He did not disappoint.

He started out by making sure he really understood our tastes in music & got a feel for the types/ages of the guests at the wedding so that he could keep everybody interested. He was not afraid to veto bands or songs he didn’t think would go over well, something I really appreciated. Also, when I was dominating the conversation about my musical interests he (respectfully) made it a point to make sure that my wife was getting all the songs, bands, and genres she wanted as well… so he’s part pre-marriage counselor as well.

Everything went very smoothly prior to the wedding itself. He made sure to check out the venue before the actual day to figure out logistics, and he arrived several hours ahead of the reception.

Most importantly, we and all of our guests had a blast! He was really able to incorporate our taste in music with songs of his own choosing that absolutely everyone danced too. He was also happy to take requests and not afraid to skip bad requests from drunk uncles, cousins etc.”

-R. Boberg [Right], April 2011


“Music influences the whole reception and defines what kind of party it’s going to be.”

“Carlos (DJ Ceremony) was the DJ at our wedding in October 2010 and this is a long overdue, raving review for him. Finding the right DJ for our wedding was very important to us. Music influences the whole reception and defines what kind of party it’s going to be.

I found Carlos after a search online and was very impressed with his website, particularly the playlists from other events that he posted. We were excited seeing an emphasis on particular bands, and made an appointment to meet him. From the moment we first met in person, we knew he was the right guy. Great personality, very professional, very interested in what we wanted, and he also offered amazing suggestions. We wanted 80s-centric music with some picks from the 90s and 2000s thrown in, and we also needed some slower chill out music for our cocktail hour and certain parts of the reception.

Carlos was perfect. We are so happy. Everyone was dancing at our wedding, even people we didn’t expect to be dancing! It was such a great party thanks to Carlos. Everyone was telling us how great the music was at the wedding, even months after. He was extremely flexible, and had the best set while also incorporating some guests’ requests. I have nothing but kind words and the advice to all to book him for any event.

If we ever needed a DJ again, Carlos would be our man. Thank you for an amazing night, Carlos.”

-Marguerite & Konrad, February 2011


“DJ Ceremony was amazing!

We are a couple that can be very hard to please when it comes to music. Both avid music lovers with specific tastes and opnions, we were reluctant to hand over the reigns to a DJ at our wedding. However, in the end we decided that it was more important to enjoy our day and not have to worry about micromanaging the music.

Carlos was super attentive to our needs and met with us several times to discuss our tastes, the kind of feel we were going for, the likely tastes of our guests and all kinds of little details we had never even thought about before. He was extremely accommodating for us and paid close attention to the little details that we felt were important. On top of all that, he was reasonably priced and flexible to our budget needs.

“The crowd LOVED him and we still get people asking us about that amazing DJ that played our wedding.”

In the end we had a great time. The crowd LOVED him and we still get people asking us about that amazing DJ that played our wedding. We couldn’t be happier.”

-B. Kadosh [left], February 2011


“Carlos (DJ Ceremony), Thank you again for helping make our wedding and reception such a special event. We appreciate your professionalism and more importantly your passion. I would have never imagined that we would get as many compliments about the music from all corners of the room. Thanks again!”

-S. Johnson [left], February 2011


“Simply put Carlos (DJ Ceremony) was fantastic at our wedding reception in August. We had some strong views on the music we wanted played at our wedding – me, lots of UK references (Indie bands like The Smiths and New Order, old Beatles/Stones etc) and my wife lots of very danceable poppier/R&B/Hip-hop tracks. We wanted our reception to be a full on dance party, relevant to both the US and UK guests of different age groups (I am 38 and know my music, but my wife is 29 and knows very little of my indie guitar rock tastes, but certainly knows what she likes (Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, etc etc).

Everyone had a blast and the dance floor was never empty. Many people have commented on how good Carlos was/how much fun they had and the photos are a testament to that. I think what contributed to that was Carlos’ ability and willingness to listen to my guidance (the music was my one area of wedding responsibility!) I met with him and sent him many emails, as and when things occurred to me regarding the music. Once at the reception Carlos was extremely adept at playing to the audience and reacting to their moves. The dance floor was never empty.

Funnily enough, my wife and I just returned from London where we went to a wedding. And you know what, the DJ was good but nothing compared to Carlos. It really hit us how easy it is empty a dance floor, and how hard it is to actually be any good.

You will not find a better DJ.

I’d love to hear how it goes, should you choose him, which I unreservedly recommend you do.”

-L. Pravda, December 2010


“DJ Ceremony was amazing!!

One of the only tasks my husband had for our wedding was to sort out a DJ. Carlos listened to his wants and needs and came up with an amazing playlist. Everyone danced the night away and raved about our fantastic choice.

I would highly recommend him to any other couple looking for a fun, professional DJ.

The next party we host that calls for a DJ I know where to look and I know my husband will be attending a few of the Smiths & Morrissey Tribute nights that Carlos does.”

-K. Vance, September 2010


“We scheduled a meeting and met Carlos (DJ Ceremony) shortly thereafter at a cozy, comfortable LES pub on a warm Saturday afternoon, the perfect environment to meet such an easygoing person. From the very start, Carlos put us at ease with his laid-back but extremely professional manner; within minutes my wife and I glanced over at each other and knew we wanted him to DJ our wedding.

“While many DJs insist on taking charge, DJ Ceremony’s approach is undeniably collaborative.”

Besides the getting married part, the music was undoubtedly the most important element to us and Carlos truly understood this. He took notes as we talked, noting everything along the way while making fun and exciting suggestions. While many DJs insist on taking charge, DJ Ceremony’s approach is undeniably collaborative.

From the first dance to the very last, the dancefloor was never empty. Every track ebbed gracefully into the next; there is nothing better than looking back at the pictures from your wedding day and seeing everyone up and dancing. Carlos adapted to any unexpected changes in the day and did so positively. Overall, our DJ Ceremony experience was fantastic! While Carlos is an absolute authority on 80s, Britpop & Synthpop, he is tremendously versatile in so many other genres, and will work with any couple’s varying tastes and needs.

If you are looking for a professional, flexible, knowledgeable, affordable, and all around nice person, look no further, DJ Ceremony is where it’s at.”

-K. Yodice [right], August 2010


—DJ Ceremony: New York Wedding DJ

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