[Wedding Playlist] • Smack Mellon, Brooklyn—September 2017

Smack Mellon, if you haven’t visited, is an art exhibition space & non-profit organization that exhibits exciting contemporary work, and often very ambitious and site-specific works. As a wedding venue, it’s one of my favorites in Brooklyn. Its DUMBO location is always bustling on the weekends, and the industrial-chic, textured look of the space gives a great contrast to softer wedding decor. For this September 2017 Smack Mellon... Read More

[Wedding Playlist] • The Hill, Hudson Valley—May 2015

Photo by Kamila Harris. This Spring 2015 wedding at the gorgeous, rural, and sprawling venue The Hill in the Hudson Valley was a wonderful experience to be a part of. This day’s sound was a great example of how a client’s strong opinions and influence of music style blended with my own selections to create a cohesive whole that worked together appropriately for the mood of the crowd. For cocktails and dinner, the client had a specific... Read More

Wedding Playlist : The Metropolitan Building : Long Island City 2014

In addition to being an all-around spirited evening, this wedding was truly exceptional in my ability during post-dinner dancing to zero-in on a very specific sound (British & American Indie/Alternative of the ’70s—’90s with a dash of Electro-pop), and have the guests really go along with the ride. It is much more common to present a wider scope of sounds & genres at weddings, but in this particular case, the guests were so... Read More

Wedding Playlist : Giando On The Water : Williamsburg 2014

This was a very special night. The wedding took place on the 4th of July, so the Hudson River fireworks show was integrated into the evening. This sound was highly pinpointed, and was designed specifically to reflect the character of the couple. You’ll notice a lot of Indie, Twee, Neo-Shoegaze, Indie Electro, and Dance, with dashes of British Invasion, 80s Alternative, and Retro Pop. An all-around gorgeous evening. • To see a particular sub-set... Read More

Reception Playlist : Bridgewaters Wedding : Manhattan 2012

This was one of those nights where everything just came together. A gorgeous venue with sprawling views of the South Street Seaport, Brooklyn Bridge and the East River, combined with guests that couldn’t have been more enthusiastic… added up to a rousing, action-packed evening. The sound was diverse as you can see, but leaned a little towards an All-American & Rock ‘N’ Roll sound, interspersed with danceable hits from... Read More

Reception Playlist : Gates Avenue Wedding : Montclair, NJ 2011

This wedding which took place in a gorgeous private residence in Montclair, NJ was notable for it’s strong focus on sounds from the 70s. For cocktails and dinner, things leaned towards a more mid-tempo soulful sound, and for post-dinner dancing I explored lots of the great Disco hits of the 70s. It was a little overcast that day, but despite that, this was an ecstatic evening, as everyone helped make it a truly memorable day. • To see a particular... Read More

Reception Playlist : The Foundry Wedding : Long Island City 2011

The Foundry has become one of my new favorite spaces to play in NYC. One of the building’s incarnations around the turn of the 20th Century was as The Albra Metal Foundry, hence it’s current name. Beautifully renovated in recent years, it has an unmistakable historical & industrial character to balance it’s polished elegance. I met with this couple and talked about their love of newer Indie bands, as well as their appreciation... Read More

Reception Playlist : Solé East Wedding : Montauk, NY, 2010

For this memorable wedding set on the picturesque shores of Montauk, the Groom & I collaborated on a very unique sound… one that emphasized strong rhythm, and a tempo that was celebratory without being manic. You might notice the lean towards a very warm, vintage/analog production, which both reflected the couple’s tasteful sensibility, and seemed to echo the overall personality of the guests in attendance. • To see a particular sub-set... Read More