DJ Ceremony Spins @ NY Pin Up Club’s “A Little Tease” Burlesque: 3/29

NY Pin Up Club presents: “A LITTLE TEASE”—An Evening Of Sultry Classic Burlesque. Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at The Gallery At LPR. [From producer Jessica Rose of the NY Pin Up Club] Ladies and Gentlemen, Please join us for a very special night of sultry, classic burlesque at Le Poisson Rouge! Some of you may remember our semi-annual large scale “Big Tease” events, or our smaller monthly burlesque shows held at The Slipper Room,... Read More

DJ Ceremony spins at Puss-N-Boots’ “Naughty Noir” Burlesque: Dec. 10th

Puss-N-Boots presents: “NAUGHTY NOIR” BURLESQUE The second Thursday of every month at Three of Cups Lounge. Next show: Thursday, December 10, 2015. Theme: “Mercy and Mayhem: A Night of Good and Evil” Producer Puss-N-Boots on this month’s event: “Everyone has two sides to them, if not more. We have good and evil coursing through our veins. Swaying our opinions and behaviors. At Naughty Noir we want to see those two sides, and help... Read More