BBC Documentary: “Synth Britannia”

Brilliant documentary that tells the story of the evolution of electronic Pop in Britain. • Part One: “Alienated Synthesists” Focusing on the development of British synth music throughout the 1970s, from the wide exposure that synthesizers gained from their use in prog rock and the groundbreaking Clockwork Orange soundtrack, through the development of affordable synth keyboards and subsequent emergence of the first post-punk and industrial... Read More

Happy 57th birthday, Neil Tennant • [Video] Pet Shop Boys: “All Over The World”

Happy 57th birthday to Neil Tennant, front-man/lyricist/composer for one of my favorite groups, Pet Shop Boys. Here’s a gorgeous fan video that I found for PSB’s brilliant album track, “All Over The World”, from their masterful 2009 LP: “Yes”.  Read More

[Video] The Strokes: “Taken For A Fool”

One of the best tracks from their recent LP: “Angles”.  Read More

[Video] Support Group For Fans Of Radiohead’s Early Work.

Brilliant.  Read More