DJ Ceremony spins at The Depeche Mode Fanclub’s Halloween Event: 11/1

The Depeche Mode Fanclub New York presents: “THE DEPECHE MODE & ’80S HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA” Saturday, November 1, 2014 at Santos Party House. “Lots of surprises in store… this isn’t a party it’s a whole lot more.” I’m pleased to be guest DJing at a Halloween party produced by The Depeche Mode Fanclub New York. I’ll be opening the event with a DJ set (Depeche Mode, ’80s, & New Wave) at... Read More

Playlist : “HOUSE OF COMMONS” : An All-British Dance Party in the East Village : Black & White, New York City : January 26, 2011

Posting imminently…  Read More

“HOUSE OF COMMONS” with guest DJ Shred : Jan. 26.

“HOUSE OF COMMONS” An all-British dance party in the East Village. Facebook invite. Join the common people as DJ Ceremony (“Oscillate Wildly”) and guest DJ Shred present an evening of all British sounds in the East Village. (Mod, Britpop, UK Indie, Shoegaze, Northern Songs, British New Wave, Bristol, Postpunk, Manchester, Factory Records, Glam Rock, British Invasion +) Dress: Marianne Faithfull on trial for drugs 1969, pencil skirt,... Read More

“POPSCENE” with guest DJ Shred

“POPSCENE” with guest DJ Shred Facebook invite. DJ Ceremony presents a night of Pop, Indie, Postpunk, Glam, Britpop, 80s, Synthpop, New Wave & Manchester in the East Village. Guest set by DJ Shred: 1 a.m. Dance floor open in the rear gallery from 12:30 a.m.  Read More