“OSCILLATE WILDLY” Mention @ “The Teenage Guide To Popularity”

The folks at The Teenage Guide to Popularity on the “Oscillate Wildly” party, “singing along to The Smiths with a bunch of strangers,” mixing up your Moz videos, and more.

Read their blog post below, or read their original post on Tumblr here.


From The Teenage Guide to Popularity:

“The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get,” Morrissey

On Saturday night, The Teenage Guide & Co. went to Oscillate Wildly, a monthly Smiths party at Le Poisson Rouge. It was an emotionally fraught and strange night, and my stomach hurt, and I thought about maybe leaving early, but it was so cold out and one of my favorite things in our shit-hole world is singing along to The Smiths with a bunch of strangers — taking all our private pain that we are very aware of and letting it explode all over each other with smiles on our faces and alcohol in our hands.

In my memory, the video for “The More You Ignore Me” is the video for “Suedehead.” When I think about the swinging lights, I hear “Suedehead,” through which, along with “How Soon Is Now?” Morrissey voiced the dramas of my childhood for me.

“The More You Ignore Me,” though, is wonderfully relevant to when I’ve been obsessed in adulthood, so it’s ok that my mental swap actually makes this the most memorable Morrissey video to me. I will be in the bar / with my head on the bar. See you there. —Alicia


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