Playlist : “Oscillate Wildly” : A Smiths & Morrissey Tribute Night : Black & White, New York City : September 1, 2010

Playlist : “Oscillate Wildly” : A Smiths & Morrissey Tribute Night
Black & White, New York City : September 1, 2010

(Next edition: Wednesday, October 6, 2010)

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Delays: “Nearer Than Heaven”
Felt: “Penelope Tree”
Loft: “Up The Hill And Down The Slope”
Morrissey: “Sing Your Life” [Live at KROQ, 1991]
Arcade Fire: “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”
The Smiths: “What’s The World?” [Live : Dundee, 1985]
The Psychedelic Furs: “Heaven”
Morrissey: “Sweet And Tender Hooligan” [Live : Wolverhampton, 1988]
The Modern Lovers: “Roadrunner”
The Smiths: “These Things Take Time” [BBC Sessions : 1984]
The Human League: “The Things That Dreams Are Made Of”
Morrissey and Sandie Shaw: “Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness” [Demo]
Orange Juice: “Simply Thrilled Honey”
The Smiths: “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before”
The La’s: “Son Of A Gun”
Belle & Sebastian: “Another Sunny Day”
Pulp: “Babies”
Morrissey: “The Loop” [Live : Paris, 1992]
Blondie: “Atomic”
The Smiths: “You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby”
LCD Soundsystem: “All My Friends”
Morrissey: “Something Is Squeezing My Skull”
The Jam: “It’s Too Bad”
The Beatles: “Glass Onion”
The Smiths: “The Headmaster Ritual”
The Pretenders: “Don’t Get Me Wrong”
The Smiths: “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”
T.Rex: “20th Century Boy”
Blur: “Tracy Jacks”
Morrissey: “Interesting Drug”
Depeche Mode: “Behind The Wheel”
Happy Mondays: “God’s Cop”
The Smiths: “Rusholme Ruffians”
James: “Come Home”
New Order: “Bizarre Love Triangle” [Pettibone 12″ Mix]>>>Transition>>>
>>>Transition>>>Pet Shop Boys: “Domino Dancing”
The Smiths: “Girlfriend In A Coma”
The Strokes: “12:51”
Morrissey: “Sister I’m A Poet”
Le Tigre: “Deceptacon”
Siouxsie & The Banshees: “Cities In Dust”
The Smiths: “Still Ill” [Live : London, 1986]
The Cure: “In Between Days”
Morrissey: “Tomorrow”
The Clash: “Brand New Cadillac”
David Bowie: “Rebel Rebel”
The Smiths: “William, It Was Really Nothing”
XTC: “Mayor Of Simpleton”
The Stone Roses: “She Bangs The Drums”>>>Transition>>>
>>>Transition>>>The Jesus And Mary Chain: “Head On”
Morrissey: “Irish Blood, English Heart”
The Smiths: “Shoplifters Of The World Unite”
Buzzcocks: “Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)”
Smoking Popes: “Need You Around”
The Smiths: “Ask”
Queen: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
The Smiths: “I Want The One I Can’t Have”
Pixies: “Wave Of Mutilation”
Morrissey: “I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me”
Phoenix: “Too Young”
New Order: “Ceremony”
Morrissey: “Hairdresser On Fire”
Stevie Nicks: “Stand Back”
Siouxsie & The Banshees: “Kiss Them For Me”
Eurythmics: “Sweet Dreams”
The Smiths: “This Charming Man”
Joy Division: “She’s Lost Control”
Arcade Fire: “Rebellion (Lies)”
Morrissey: “Pregnant For The Last Time”
Morrissey: “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”
Pulp: “Common People”
Peter Bjorn & John: “Young Folks”
Morrissey: “Tony The Pony”
Depeche Mode: “Never Let Me Down Again”
The Smiths: “Panic” [Live : London, 1986]
OMD: “Enola Gay”
New Order: “Temptation” [7″ Mix]
Morrissey: “Suedehead”
Tears For Fears: “Head Over Heels”
R.E.M.: “Radio Free Europe”
Morrissey: “Alma Matters”
Morrissey: “Our Frank”
She & Him: “In The Sun”
Suede: “The Beautiful Ones”
Stephen Malkmus: “Pencil Rot”
Morrissey: “My Love Life” [Live at KROQ, 1991]
The Smiths: “These Things Take Time”
Depeche Mode: “Everything Counts”
Erasure: “Solsbury Hill”
Elvis Costello: “Radio, Radio”
Talking Heads: “Road To Nowhere”
Franz Ferdinand: “Tell Her Tonight”
Morrissey: “Honey, You Know Where To Find Me”
Morrissey: “Striptease With A Difference”
Doves: “There Goes The Fear”
Echo & The Bunnymen: “Lips Like Sugar”
Gene: “Town Called Malice”
Gorillaz: “Dirty Harry”
Massive Attack: “Daydreaming”
UNKLE: “Lonely Soul”

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