Playlist : “Oscillate Wildly” : A Smiths & Morrissey Tribute Night : Black & White, New York City : October 6, 2010

Playlist : “Oscillate Wildly” : A Smiths & Morrissey Tribute Night
Black & White, New York City : October 6, 2010

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Sisters Of Mercy: “Lucretia My Reflection”
Dramarama: “Anything, Anything”
Ra Ra Riot: “Can You Tell”
Shocking Blue: “Mighty Joe”
Shirley Bassey: “You’ll Never Walk Alone”>>>Transition>>>
>>>Transition>>>The Smiths: “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before”
Of Montreal: “Coquet Coquette”
Morrissey: “Good Looking Man About Town”
Arcade Fire: “Half Light II (No Celebration)”
Matt Pond PA: “The Moviegoer”
The Smiths featuring Sandie Shaw: “Hand In Glove”
Friendly Fires: “Skeleton Boy”
Belle & Sebastian: “Wrapped Up In Books”
Morrissey: “One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell”
Basement Jaxx: “Living Room”
Love And Rockets: “Ball Of Confusion”
The Knife: “Heartbeats”
Peter Murphy: “Cuts You Up”
Morrissey: “My Dearest Love”
Morrissey: “Alsatian Cousin”
The Cure: “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”
David Bowie: “John, I’m Only Dancing”
Björk: “Crying”
Morrissey: “Our Frank”
Pet Shop Boys: “Shopping”
The Smiths: “Half A Person”
Blur: “Tracy Jacks”>>>Transition>>>
>>>Transition>>>Morrissey: “In The Future When All’s Well”
Roxy Music: “More Than This”>>>Transition>>>
>>>Transition>>>Morrissey: “My Love Life”>>>Transition>>>
>>>Transition>>>New Order: “Round & Round”>>>Transition>>>
>>>Transition>>>Oasis: “She’s Electric”
Cyndi Lauper: “She Bop”
Madonna: “Angel”
The Smiths: “Girlfriend In A Coma”
Depeche Mode: “Just Can’t Get Enough”
Morrissey: “Hairdresser On Fire”
The Smiths: “These Things Take Time”
Phoenix: “Too Young”
Le Tigre: “Hot Topic”
The Smiths: “Rusholme Ruffians”
The Smiths: “This Charming Man”>>>Transition>>>
>>>Transition>>>The Jam: “A Town Called Malice”
The Smiths: “Miserable Lie”
The Strokes: “Someday”
Morrissey: “Sing Your Life” [Live at KROQ, 1991]
Morrissey: “Tomorrow”
The Smiths: “Bigmouth Strikes Again”
Morrissey: “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”
New Order: “Age Of Consent”
The Cure: “Just Like Heaven”
The Stone Roses: “She Bangs The Drums”
The Smiths: “Sweet And Tender Hooligan”
Morrissey: “Jack The Ripper” [Live : Paris, 1992]
The Smiths: “Girl Afraid”
The Smiths: “Handsome Devil”
CSS: “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex”
R.E.M.: “Radio Free Europe”
The Smiths: “Shakespeare’s Sister”
The Smiths: “The Headmaster Ritual”
Arcade Fire: “Neighborhood #2 (Laika)”
The Cars: “Let’s Go”
David Bowie: “Sound And Vision”
Blondie: “One Way Or Another”
The Jam: “And Your Bird Can Sing”
The Smiths: “Hand In Glove”

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