“OSCILLATE WILDLY” : Wed. October 6 @ Black & White

A Monthly Smiths & Morrissey Tribute Night & Dance Party.

The first Wednesday of every month at Black & White.
(October edition: Wednesday, October 6, 2010.)

Facebook invite.

From “Accept Yourself” to “Alsatian Cousin”…
…”Born To Hang” to “Barbarism Begins At Home”…
…”Girl Afraid” to “Girl Least Likely To” & everything in between.

Join scores of other sweet & tender hooligans as DJ Ceremony presents a reverent Smiths & Morrissey tribute set including deep cuts, rarities, b-sides, current releases, and classics (+Britpop, Factory Records, Impeccable 80s & Manchester).

Dress: Brigitte Bardot, Alexandra Bastedo, Truman Capote, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Sandy Shaw, The Silver Factory, Paul Weller, Oscar Wilde, Natalie Wood.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

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